Employability Service



About the “Worldplaces-Workplaces Working for Women Integration” project

The Employability service of Generation 2.0 RED stays up-to-date with the needs arising, including the best practices identified and the knowledge acquired continuously since 2016, when the service was for the first time addressing the employability needs of second generation, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Since December 2021, the focus of the Employability service is set on women of migrant background residing in Athens, by implementing the co-funded project by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union, “Worldplaces-Workplaces Working for Women Integration”, along with other prominent European partners. Generation 2.0 RED’s goal is to introduce workplace-based integration best practices by supporting  women of migrant background, with a Life and Community approach,  and by creating a local Worldplaces network involving both women of migrant background & for-profit and non-profit organisations. 

Based on needs assessment concerning the labour market inclusion, a gender-specific Employability programme is offered to women of migrant background, regardless of age, including: Career Counselling sessions, Job Readiness groups (Job search & Interview, Labour rights, Workplace Culture, Soft Skills) and Work-Life Βalance trainings (Information provision on formal day-care in Greece, Empowering Mothers, Life skills) along with Basic Child-care skills trainings. In addition, Legal Counselling sessions are available to beneficiaries in terms of their work and residence permit.

In 2023, considering any best practice and lesson learnt by the Employability service provision, companies and organisations of the profit and non-profit sectors are going to be supported to implement gender-relevant policies to enhance social and labour inclusion of women of migrant background through the Diversity in the Workplace activities.

For referrals and requests to participate in the Employability programme, please contact [email protected]

*The languages supported are Greek, English and French.


The Employability service is, also, active online, with the weekly Job Adverts, which provide up-to-date information on the latest job vacancies from the most popular websites in Greece. Additionally, a great number of job search websites and humanitarian organisations’ career pages have been collected at the Job Search Resources & Volunteering Opportunities, while the Free Educational Programmes keep you up-to-date with non-formal education programmes offered by NGOs in Athens.

The Service is supplemented by a number of informative and practical tools which have been created to assist those who wish to navigate smoothly  the Greek labour market, the entrepreneurship landscape of Greece but also  the formal Greek educational system: Infographics, tutorial videos and an Employability Guide are available online, for those residing in Attiki but also in other parts of the country.


Some words on our history:

Ιn 2017, Generation 2.0 for Rights Equality & Diversity launched, in partnership with the global humanitarian organisation International Rescue Committee, the program Facilitating access to work for Vulnerable Populations in Athens, aiming to support refugees and asylum seekers in improving their living conditions by finding a fulfilling job position through the Employability service.

The programme included individual Career Counselling sessions, group job search with the use of computers, especially designed Soft Skills Development workshops, along with the organisation of Cultural Mediation and Web Development vocational trainings. An Employability Guide and 2 Tutorial Videos were also created addressing the needs of a newcomer for an easier access to the Greek labour market. Click here to see them.

Since 2020 and until August 2021, the Employability service was included in the project “Equality Works”, implemented under the Active citizens fund programme. The specific project followed a holistic approach to equal access to work and education for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Having always in its core the one-on-one Career Counselling sessions, the Career Guidance sessions were reinforced, while attendance at the Job Readiness groups and the Soft Skills Development seminars was encouraged. The informative Labour Rights seminars were complemented by the Advocacy trainings. Last but not least, a new activity, the Peer Learning, offered the opportunity for skills development, with the trainers being beneficiaries of the Service, wishing to share their expertise with others.

With regard to self-employment, Entrepreneurship Counselling was added as an activity in March 2019 with the support of the International Rescue Committee, and, under the Active citizens fund, 3 Social Entrepreneurship trainings for Women were implemented. The Greek lessons, Beginners’ and Intermediate level, were, also, offered to beneficiaries, under the same project, seeking to improve language skills, whereas the Mentoring for unaccompanied minors was another new and innovative activity aiming to reinforce inclusion of minors to formal education and vocational training.

The Employability service, of course, as always, went hand in hand with the Diversity in the Workplace, which offered to beneficiaries, under its umbrella of activities, and with the valuable collaboration of employers, visits to workplaces, hard-skills trainings and informative meetings on different economy sectors.