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As a part of our “Facilitating Access to Work for Vulnerable Populations in Athens” program, implemented with the support of the International Rescue Committee, we have published an Employability Guide, which contains in just a few pages all the material and issues discussed on our Employability Workshops. This guide is in Greek & French but also in, English, Farsi & Arabic, aiming at providing all the tools a newcomer needs for an easier access to the Greek labor market. You can download both for free, by clicking here (for Greek & French) and here (for English, Farsi & Arabic).

On the other hand, we published two tutorial videos, one displaying step by step how you can write your CV online using the Europass format, and the other one displays how you may browse job adverts on the most popular websites in Greece and apply for a suitable job. Below, you may find the videos, which also give you the choice of using subtitles in English, Arabic & Farsi for a better understanding.




Social Entrepreneurship

Below you can find the three Informative Infographicswe prepared on Social EntrepreneurshipForeign Higher Education Degrees’ Accreditation and Formal Educational Paths in Greece.

Scroll down to find all of them!

Generation 2.0 RED presents you its 1st Informative Infographic on the Social Enterprise:

Have you considered setting up your own enterprise that could generate income, more and more job positions and on the same time serving a good cause for vulnerable social groups and boosting development at a local level?

How many individuals are needed to open one, what are the essential steps and where you could possibly get find funding?

With this infographic, you will get an introductory, first glance at this new and already popular type of Entrepreneurship along with relevant links to further

Click here to download it for free!

Foreign Higher Education Degrees’ Accreditation

Generation 2.0 RED presents you an Informative Infographic about Foreign Higher Education Degrees’ Accreditation.

Are you a higher education graduate holding a university or technological bachelor’s degree or a vocational education degree from abroad? Have you had a difficult time finding a job in your area of expertise? Degree accreditation is a key matter in increasing your chances of finding a job for which you are qualified. However, it is indeed a complicated and demanding procedure in Greece.

Generation 2.0 RED has looked into the procedures and gives you an insight by answering questions like the following in a brief and concise way:

  • What are exactly the steps of the procedure in Greece?
  • Which documents are essential?
  • Where can I translate my documents?

Click here to download it for free!

Formal Educational Paths in Greece

Generation 2.0 RED presents you its Infographic on the Formal Educational Paths in Greece!

Have you stopped school but now you feel ready to start again and have a second chance in education?

Are you dreaming of studying at a vocational school or attending a university program or even just completing High school?

Formal education in Greece offers different pathways to adolescents and adults who may also wish to work while going to school. However, basic to independent command of Greek is needed.

Generation 2.0 RED is navigating you through the different educational levels and schools and provides you with information on the documents needed and the existing opportunities after completing a specific education level.

Click here to download it for free!

*The creation of the Infographics has been supported by International Rescue Committee.