Working as an informal group since 2006, known as the “Second Generation”, our primary goal was to secure the rights of the then invisible generation of immigrant children born and/or raised in Greece.

Starting from awareness raising campaigns, we organized informational seminars throughout Greece, and applied continuous political pressure, which successfully led to the enactment of the law 4332/2015, the right to Greek citizenship. Throughout our course of action, actively working towards social change, we took part in consultations on immigration policy. We also provided support and counseling services to immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees. Collaboration was crucial to our work and we actively sought to work with and build alliances between immigrant communities, organizations and associations active in the field of migration.

After years of activism and exerting political pressure, Generation 2.0 RED was founded when “Second Generation” joined forces with the Institute for Rights, Equality & Equality (i-RED) in December 2013.

Today, our advocacy work includes a variety of organized activities in five thematic areas:


Through the intercultural mediation at the Decentralized Services, G2RED informed the relevant Ministry about the gaps in legislation and the day to day problems encountered, contributing in this way to improving the Immigration Code.

This particular activity contributed to the creation of two separate websites, the Application Status Tracking for Third Country National and the Acquisition of Citizenship File Tracking, where interested persons can track the status of either their resident permit or their citizenship application by typing in their information, decreasing in this way the uncertainty and insecurity existing in these situations.

Generation 2.0 RED’s advocacy did not stop there. Promoting institutional and social inclusion of socially vulnerable groups, the organization continues to monitor on a daily basis the services responsible for the implementation of the Citizenship Code and the Immigration Code, making regular visits to the Decentralized Services to ensure the proper functioning of the system and the implementation of relevant laws.


With a goal to empower migrant communities through their direct participation in the assertion of their rights, we have established the Research and Documentation Representative Council (ASET) to respond to the current challenges in immigration and integration. The council is comprised of representatives of immigrant communities operating in Greece with years of experience and engagement on a social and political level. Other members include researchers and experts with experience and expertise on immigration as well as in the area of advocacy and human rights protection.  


Observatory on Citizenship

Recognizing the feeling of uncertainty experienced by those entitled to Greek citizenship, Generation 2.0 RED created the Observatory on Citizenship. The purpose of the Observatory is to:

  • Monitor the implementation of the law by seeking quantitative data, but also through its consultants.
  • Identify the elements that render the processes more complicated and difficult for the persons concerned.
  • Provide valid information about changes and developments.
  • Intervene when there are rights’ violations and administrative failures.

Equal treatment 

With a mission of ensuring equal treatment within Greek society, we intervene in cases where we find discrimination. More specifically, our Advocacy efforts are in relation to labor rights such as recruitment into the public sector and insurance rights

Racism and Discrimination

We respond and publically call out the discriminative and racist behaviours we encounter on a daily basis. We also highlight the mechanisms and tools available to counter these behaviours and the incidents they lead to. 

Active Citizens – Civic Engagement

We believe that safeguarding the right to citizenship is not in any way the finish line, but instead a starting point for the active participation of the new young Greek citizens within Greek society.

As part of our activities in this area, we have organized election campaigns in 2014 and in 2019, emphasizing the importance of active participation.


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