Non-formal Education

Τhe Non-Formal Education service of Generation 2.0 RED, maintains specialized staff, which utilizes modern practices for people of all ages to learn the Greek language.

The goal of Generation 2.0 RED’s educational service is the empowerment and integration through learning the Greek language. Regular participation contributes significantly to this goal as well as contact and interaction with the team, which is another important tool.

The Greek language courses in Generation 2.0 RED are based on the latest teaching methods, last for 6 months and are divided into beginner and advanced level depending on the needs of each individual. The languages served are Greek, English, French, Farsi, Arabic, Bengali.

Regular participation is a prerequisite for completing each cycle.

At the same time, recognizing the great difficulty in managing the material provided for the naturalization interview, our teachers have developed a study system that provides appropriate preparation for those wishing to apply for Greek citizenship.

If you would like to register in a Greek language course or preparation for the naturalization interview, please email [email protected] with your full name, the language you speak comfortably, and your phone number.

We, as an organization, believe that the elimination of racism and the promotion of diversity have their foundations in developing social awareness, which should start from the early stages of the educational system. Seeing and acknowledging the large gap in this field in Greece, our organization proceeded in developing educational programs and material that promote fundamental human rights, equality and respect for diversity.

generation 2.0

Our first practical move was to create the “Diversity Volcano, a floor board game for children from 11 to 14 years old, helping them to recognize the fundamental human rights and understand their importance worldwide. This game is provided for free to schools or children’s libraries upon request.


As a part of our non-formal education service, the program The Other in Me is also taking place in High Schools. This program involves a series of educational games and experiential activities, having as a main target to address the phenomenon of bullying, aiming to tackle the root that causes the problem.

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