Meet the team

Legal Counselling

Nikos Odubitan – Managing Director

Evangelos Douvlis – Legal Counsellor

Vangelis deals with human rights, political ecology and voluntary forest protection. He may be a lawyer, but he is shy when it comes to speaking about himself; he tries to be fair with people, animals and the environment. evangelos.ntouvlis[at]

Sebene Eshete – Advocacy Officer

Sebene is of Ethiopian descent; she has studied International and European Studies in the University of Piraeus and has completed a master’s degree in Environment and Development at NTUA. With G2RED she fights for equal rights and opportunities for all, regardless of their ethnicity or sexual orientation. sebene.eshete[at]

Silvia Giulini – Advocacy Officer

Silvia is Italian; she loves traveling and eating souvlaki. With a Bachelor and a Master degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences, she has focused her interests on the humanitarian area, while working with refugees both in Italy and Greece. She firmly believes that even the smallest contribution is a fundamental step towards change. silvia.giulini[at]

Career Counselling

Katerina Kapnisi – Senior Career Counsellor

Katerina studied Philosophy-Pedagogy-Psychology and got a Master’s Degree in Counselling and Career Guidance from the University of Athens. She is convinced that knowledge is power and aims at supporting individuals so they can be independent and in control of their own lives. k.kapnisi[at]  

Nikos Nakopoulos – Career Counsellor

Nikos studied Psychology; he got an MSc in Health Management and today he studies Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy. He believes in individual change as a means to more systemic/meaningful changes and strives to be a useful ally on a daily basis to the efforts of various social groups at obtaining better and fairer living conditions. nikos.nakopoulos[at]

Anna Maria Vouzouneraki – Career Counsellor

Anna Maria has a BA in Philosophy-Pedagogy-Psychology and an MSc in Career Counseling from the University of Athens. She believes in people and their capability to evolve, while she also thinks that diversity is the key to a colorful world! For her, that kind of world is worth living for. anna.vouzouneraki[at]


Thanasis Tsaldaris – Project Manager

Thanasis has a Bachelor in Psychology and a Master in “Stress Management and Health Promotion”. Several years ago, he got in touch with social movements and human rights. He fights for a society with equal rights and equal opportunities for everyone, and tries to bring a sustainable social change through his participation in g2red. thanasis.tsaldaris[at]

Elias Tzogonas – Youth Trainer & Adult Educator

Elias graduated from the Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology of the Kapodistrian University of Athens. When he was a child, he dreamed of the day that racism died: it was a giant monster, laid in front of his feet lifeless, not looking so big anymore. He joined g2red to make his dream come true. elias.tzogonas[at]

Rosa Vassilatu – Communication Officer

Rosa graduated from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens in Communication and Mass Media, and has many years of experience in the Media & Cultural field. She became a part of the g2red organization because she believes that it’s absurd to keep having room for any kind of discrimination in 2017. rosa.vassilatu[at]

Natalia Sotiropoulou – Campaign Officer

Natalia studied Political Science and History at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, with a specialty in Media. She strongly believes that positive representation on every kind of diversity can lead to elimination of discrimination and racism. In her free time she is researching the ways Media affect the public opinion. nat.sotiropoulou[at]

Sophia Svoliantopoulou – Project Coordinator

Sophia has a bachelor in International & European Studies and two masters in Mediterranean Studies and Human Rights & Democratization. She is an active volunteer for many years now and her quote is that if we don’t work all together for the change of this world, the world will not change by itself. sofia.svoliantopoulou[at]

Elena Armakola – Administrative Assistant

Elena has graduated from the department of International and European Studies, with a specialty in International Law. She is at G2RED because she believes that the fight for human rights will eventually bring equal opportunities and treatment for all, with respect to their dignity and diversity. eleni.armakola[at]

Omar Fares – Arabic Interpreter

Omar is an Aviation student and a Telecommunications Techniques Expert. His second home is Egypt, while the first one is the Airport. He loves cooking and is always hungry, he hates zoos and he hates borders. Where he lays his head he has a home and until he finds peace, he is a soldier in the humanitarian army. AFLawrance1[at]

Ali Zamani – Farsi Interpreter

Ali was born in Iran; he has a bachelor in petroleum Engineering and he was also working as a Music Teacher in his country. Since he arrived in Greece, he has been working in the humanitarian field, because he wanted to be useful in this huge crisis. That is how he joined the g2red team! alizamanigeneration2.0[at]