Meet the team

Legal Counselling

Nikos Odubitan – Managing Director

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Stevi Kitsou – Legal Coordinator

Stevi is an attorney at Law, a PhD candidate in Public Law, holding an LL.B. (AUTh), a Masters in Media and Cultural Studies (University of Sussex) and an LL.M. in Public International Law (UoA). Her interests have always been revolving around politics, human rights and the politics of human rights, while she is also a rapporteur for the Golden Dawn Watch initiative.
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Jackie Abhulimen – Advocacy Officer

Jackie has a long history of grassroots campaigning for the rights of those with migrant background in Europe. Her work focuses on themes of social solidarity, civic engagement and political activism. A graduate of Development and Peace Studies from the University of Bradford, she believes in the endless possibilities of an active imagination.

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Margarita Partyka – Advocacy Officer

Margarita is a graduate of the Department of International, European and Regional Studies from Panteion University, holding a Master’s Degree in “International Law and Diplomatic Studies”. During her studies she has completed a traineeship with the European Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe. Being a second generation child, she has a keen interest in protecting and promoting the rights of vulnerable groups.

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Career Counselling

Katerina Kapnisi – Career Counsellor | Coordinator

Katerina studied Philosophy-Pedagogy-Psychology and got a Master’s Degree in Counselling and Career Guidance from the University of Athens. She is convinced that knowledge is power and aims at supporting individuals so they can be independent and in control of their own lives.
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Lucia Puzziello – Career Counselling Assistant

Lucia has a Bachelor in Cooperation and International Development and a Master in International and Diplomatic Sciences. She’s Italian, but it’s two years she’s been living in Athens, working mainly in the protection of human rights, in any aspect. She truly believes that standing out for what we believe in and talking when we see injustices is the best way to change the status quo.
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Nataliya Redina – Private Sector Partnerships Officer

Nataliya studied Psychology and she is currently doing her master on Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy. In he spare time she writes books for kids and she believes that if heaven exists, that is certainly a big library.
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Thanasis Tsaldaris – Project Manager

Thanasis has a Bachelor in Psychology and a Master in “Stress Management and Health Promotion”. Several years ago, he got in touch with social movements and human rights. He fights for a society with equal rights and equal opportunities for everyone, and tries to bring a sustainable social change through his participation in g2red.
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Fenia Biniari – Communication Officer

Fenia studied Communication, Media and culture at Panteion University and has experience in journalism and cultural management. She believes that the best remedy against racism is to exit our own little world.
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Wael Habbal – Arabic Interpreter

Wael came from Syria and studied two years of general law. He believes in giving others what he expects from them, although he gives without expectations. His happiness is related to what he can offer in his daily life to the hosting earth and the souls that live on it.
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Ismini Karydopoulou – Program Officer

Ismini holds a degree in Political Science & Public Administration (University of Athens), an MD in Political Sociology (Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne) and certifications of Pedagogy and Human Rights Education. Participation, action and the small or big social changes that those can bring, are of her interest in both, theory and practice.

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Lito Parissi – Office Coordinator

Lito studied Sociology and Anthropology and then completed her Masters Degree with specialization in immigration. She is particularly interested in issues related to intercultural education and school integration.
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Supria Mondal – Bangla Interpreter

Supria comes from Bangladesh, she came to Greece at the age of 10, and she is proud to call Greece home. Supria studied Applied Foreign Languages in Business and Commerce in Igoumenitsa. She believes in the internal beauty of the people, and she always tries to do her best for the people she interacts with.

Elias Sharifi – Farsi Interpreter

Elias is from Afghanistan, presently studying economy but mainly engaged to fashion and fine art photography. In his own words, photography is the medium that facilitates storytelling by recounting its protagonists’ feelings. Above all, photography is his way of expressing the will for absolute freedom. Strong believer of equality and diversity with the joy of united cultural and shared loved.

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