Free Educational Programs in Athens

Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality, Diversity (14 Eleftherias square, Athens, Email: [email protected], tel.: 2130 884498)

Greek lessons: Registrations all year round (Basic, Independent and Proficient users)

English Lessons

Preparation for the Naturalization interview

Caritas Athens (8 Emmanouil Benaki str., tel.: 210 3317471)

Greek, English classes

Caritas Hellas – Caritas Social Spot (3 Tarella str., tel.: 210 5202817)

Greek classes, Support school classes, Greek classes for children not attending school, Team “Atelier linguistic-We speak Greek”-integration workshops

Caritas Hellas – Caritas Social Spot (2A Rene Pio, tel.: 213 0909940)

Greek classes, English classes, Computer classes

Diadromes – Intercultural Centre (26 Boukouvala str., tel.: 211 4062478, e-mail: [email protected] , [email protected])

Greek classes (Basic and Independent users), English, French classes, Computer classes

Diktio – Network for social support of refugees and migrants (13 Tsamadou str., tel.: 210 3813928)

Greek, English, German classes, computer classes

Equal Society (1 Santaroza str., e-mail: [email protected] , tel.:  211 7051841)

Greek, English classes

Greek forum of Migrants (81 Patision str., email: [email protected] , tel.: 210 8831620)

Conversational English (Registration is not required) – Tuesday 12.00-14.00

Hestia Hellas (5 Charilaou Trikoupi str., tel.: 213 0907589, e-mail: [email protected])

Computer classes (MS Office και typing), art workshops

Khora (21 Tsimiski & 80 Asklipiou str., e-mail: [email protected] , tel.: 210 3647833)

Greek, English, German, French classes

Kitab World Education (165 Patission, press buzzer marked “here”, e-mail: [email protected])

English classes (all levels)

Melissa Network (18 Feron, near Victoria square, tel: 210 8218486)

Programs only for women (Facebook page here)

Classes for Greek, English and German language, dramatherapy

Mosaico House (102 Megalou Alexandrou, tel..: 210 6853551)

Greek, English, French, German, Spanish classes, computer classes/Microsoft Office programs

Migrant’s Sunday School (145 Argous, tel.: 697 4486368, e-mail: [email protected] )

Greek lessons (Basic, Independent, Proficient level), English, German classes (Advanced level)

Multifunctional Centre of Hellenic Red Cross (2 Kapodistriou str.,  tel.: 210 5140440)

Greek, English classes, computer classes

Neon Chora – Elix (Verantzerou 15, tel.: 210 3825506,

English, Greek classes, support classes to pupils

Open Schools of the Municipality of Athens – Civis Plus (26th Primary School of Athens, 63 Fokionos Negri str., Kipseli)

Greek classes for parents of 6-12 years old

Information at tel.: 210 5277089

Piraeus Open School of Migrants (14th  High School of Piraeus, Agion Anargyron & Ko, Palia Kokkinia, , e-mail: [email protected] , tel.: 210 4200917)

Greek classes (Basic, Independent and Proficient users), writing and reading, History and culture, other languages (English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, German), computer classes, dance, kinesiology, performing arts, theater

Pyxida – Intercultural center for the social integration of refugees (25 Solomou str., tel.: 210 3800990)

Greek, English classes

Zaatar – Orange House (13 Botasi, Facebook page here)

Classes for Greek, English, German, for Farsi, Arabic and French speakers