“No, we don’t sign on the flag!”

Scene 1 – Take No345.

The episode of Citizenship in the series “The cumbersome system of Greece” has been screened thousands of times in the Greek media, maybe even more than an episode of FRIENDS on national TV.

Since it was still called Second Generation and functioning as an informal group, Generation 2.0 was trying to promote equality, respect for diversity and the access to citizenship for children born and/or raised in the country. Campaigns, actions and events were organized across Greece for this purpose. But you know the story, we have written about it so many times in the past. Just to refresh your memory we recommend to take a look here, here, here, and maybe here & here.

But, once again, we have to confront everything we hate in the Greek media scene. An issue that is hot & sexy and therefore appealing, is retransmitted in the speed of light. It doesn’t matter how important it has always been, as long as it bursts at the right time. And of course that’s when everyone magically wakes up, bragging and supporting as if they had always been there. Like they suddenly forgot not only the exact opposite views they supported so far, but also their struggles to prevent from happening the very thing they are now cheering on about.

And so we come today to love and praise a man, Giannis Antetokoumpo, only after we add in his name the word “Greek” to elevate our national pride. Because we don’t pay attention to the man as a human being, but we are glad to have him as a symbol of Greek vigor and Greek competence.

The words “No, we don’t sign on the flag!” show a man who was brought up with values ​​and principles, a man who knows what are the true meanings of respect and ethos. If in his place was a rough guy swearing and behaving badly, the vice president of the opposition party – and all the others who share the same ideology with him – would start raving about how wrong it was to give Greek citizenship to this youngster of immigrant origins. Putting, of course, in the same bag other 100.000 children that are currently living in Greece, expecting the cumbersome system of the country to give them the rights they deserve.

Because, after all, Greek citizenship should only be given to the good and competent, isn’t that right? To those who are worthy enough to hold the Greek morale high and stand alongside their fellow Greeks, huh?