The “New Generation Got Game vol.lll” is a fact!

new generation got game

Registration is now open! Hurry up!

The third intercultural basketball tournament of Generation 2.0 this year will be held on the 25th and 26th of June at Ampelokipoi! This year the winning teams of the 3on3 streetball will have the opportunity to travel to the island of Syros and participate in AegeanBall Festival, a 3on3 event organized by Giorgos Printezis, with famous basketball players among the participants!

*The number of the participating teams is limited and, when full, the registration will close, so hurry up!
**The tournament is supported by the Red Cross. The participants play under their own responsibility.

Haven’t you heard about the “New Generation Got Game”?!

The intercultural basketball tournament “New Generation Got Game” vol.III is organized for third year in a row and focuses on the integration process of Athens’ young people who have different origins and share the same neighborhoods with the Greek society. The main goal is to promote the healthy integration of immigrants and youngsters with migrant backgrounds. According to our point of view, integration is a continuous procedure that includes youngsters with migrant origins and natives as well, depending mainly on common moments and everyday interaction between people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Aiming to promote integration, to form new bonds, to revive and make stronger old ones, while presenting Athens’ neighborhoods, every year the intercultural basketball tournament “New Generation Got Game” is organized.  50 teams of young people, boys and girls originating from almost 12 different countries, raised and / or born in Greece, participate in this event. They are migrants and Greeks that have the same passion about basketball, Athens’ neighborhoods and diversity. This year, young refugees will also participate, giving a new meaning to this event. The aim is reciprocal. They will have the opportunity to interact and socialize with second generation and Greek youngsters of the same age, and we will send the message we care about: Integration is a process that regards each and every one of us, requiring everyone’s active participation.