G2RED @ FEAST Athens | March 16, 2015

FEAST Athens (Funding Entrepreneurship & the Arts with Sustainable Tactics) is a democratic experiment of alternative micro-funding of creative projects with a social impact who are developing in the city.

It is an invitation to an open, public dinner whose goal is to energize and establish a new process of funding creative projects and innovative business plans on a community level, through crowdfunding processes. For the price of 10€, someone can enjoy a meal and wine while also having the right to one vote. In this way, the participants can learn about new ideas worth funding and they can vote the one they believe to be best, thus helping it gain the money which was gathered in the dinner!

Generation 2.0 RED attended FEAST Athens 2015 with the campaign “Equal citizens“.

Imagine needing a permit to reside legally in the country in which you were born/or grew up. Almost 200.000 children born or grown up in Greece of immigrant parents, have been denied Citizenship from the Greek state, thus being deprived of their ultimate rights and transformed into aliens, even though they have lived their entire life in this country.

The “Equal citizens” campaign for the right to Citizenship aims to raise awareness of the Greek society regarding the issues faced by the youth with migrant background, AKA Second Generation. Meanwhile, its goal is to press the Greek government to legislate immediately and guarantee the access to Citizenship for these young people.

The campaign run through social media and activities in and outside of Athens. The goal was to increase the visibility of the campaign and the support from the Greek society, in order for the new law about Citizenship to be voted, transforming all of us into Equal Citizens.

See the event here!
Eat. Drink. Vote.