Diversity in the Workplace


About “Worldplaces-Workplaces Working with Migrant Women” project

The Diversity in the Workplace initiative of Generation 2.0 RED stays up-to-date with the labour market needs arising and the tendencies created worldwide, including its successes, lessons learnt and best practices identified along the way and with the knowledge acquired continuously since 2017, when the initiative was established aiming to support private-sector actors in their effort to create an inclusive and  equitable workplace. 

Since December 2021, the Diversity in the Workplace, with the co-funded project by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union “Worldplaces-Workplaces Working with Migrant Women” is now introducing workplace-based integration best practices supporting women of migrant background, with a Life and Community focus, along with other prominent European partners. 

Through this project -addressed to for-profit companies and non-profit organisations-, workplaces in Athens and beyond, are going to be provided, under the context of capacity building on inclusion policies design, with access to a series of resources on gender-mainstreaming best practices and inclusion design tools and as well to HR diversity management trainings on how to build an equitable and inclusive environment by ensuring work-life balance. 

Companies and organisations, by becoming Worldplaces members and benefiting by its broad capacity building spectrum, are, also, going to have the opportunity to participate in its dissemination in Greece and EU or act as ambassadors, promoting inclusion policies in the labour market. 


About the Diversity in the Workplace Network

In close collaboration with our supporters and stakeholders from the Greek labour market, we have developed modern actions that aim at a holistic support of the private sector in Greece and focus on business sustainability and as well on equitable access to work, following European standards. More than 90 companies and organisations tangibly support our action by entering the Diversity in the Workplace Network.

The Employability service, with which Diversity in the Workplace is closely associated, provides Job Readiness programmes and Career Counselling to people of migrant background, focusing on ensuring a smooth transition according to the needs and the culture of the Greek labour market. 

Besides the beneficiaries’ preparation to join the labour market, the Diversity in the Workplace initiative has been structured to prepare employers in terms of good practices of equitable treatment and inclusion in the workplace towards corporate sustainability and innovation. 

Upon entering the Network, our supporters can benefit from the “Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace” trainings , stay up-to-date with legislation, seek candidates through the pool of beneficiaries from the Employability service of the organisation, reevaluate their recruitment procedure and adapt their job adverts accordingly, promoting thus inclusion in their workplace and ensuring equitable opportunities to their employees, to act and evolve in a modern workplace.

With the motto «Embracing Diversity», in 2019, the first Greek Diversity and Inclusion trademark was created, hosted on the websites of the companies and organisations of the Network highlighting the inclusive attitude of its members.


“How do you manage Diversity?”

You, too, can sign the Diversity Charter and join the Network of companies and organisations of “Diversity in the Workplace” in order to receive the Diversity Trademark, have access to a series of trainings and enjoy all Network’s benefits along with the substantial benefits of an inclusive workplace based on European standards.

For further information contact the Diversity Network Officer, Dimitra Steins, via telephone at 213 088 4495 or via email at [email protected]

Here you may discover the Diversity Network’s companies and organisations.


A few words on our history:

The official project launch of Diversity in the Workplace” in 2017 signified partnerships with companies and organisations which would not only support the initiative, but would, also, share with us the vision of an equal and accessible work environment. Aiming at equal access to the Greek labour market for people of different cultural backgrounds, Diversity in the Workplace was an integral part of the “Livelihoods for vulnerable populations in an Inclusive Labour Market”, implemented by Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity and supported by the International Rescue Committee until February 2020. Since March 2020 and until August 2021, the Diversity in the Workplace was part of the project “Equality Works” implemented under the Active citizens fund programme.

Today, more than 90 companies make up the Network, with 17 of them having already participated in the “Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace” tranings, whereas a great number of companies has voluntarily participated in activities, aiming to the integration of people of migrant background in the labour market, such as Speeches on various sectors, Educational visits to workplaces etc . 

The inclusion of companies in the Network is currently marked by the signing of the Diversity Charter, which was created based on European standards and the law 4443/2016 on equal treatment. In the context of awareness raising, campaigns were carried out in 2017 and 2018, in order to communicate on a greater scale the importance of diversity in the labour market and in our daily lives.

Another milestone concerning the awareness raising and proper information provision towards temployers and their staff was the publication of the 1st Diversity 2.0-An Employers’ Guide, in 2019,with the support of the European Network Against Racism, as well as the creation and release of the first Greek Trademark advocating for equal inclusion.

Along the way, Diversity in the Workplace participated in and co-organised events to promote the equal employment of people with migrant background, such as the 1st Job Fair Connecting Refugees and Migrants with the Labor Market in Athens, the ACCMR Digital Job Fair in Tourism and Hospitality and the event +Ergasia.