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Women participate significantly less than men in the labour market. That is a fact, regardless of a woman’s origin, residence place, age, etc. Even when women are employed, they still spend  twice the time, compared to men, on caregiving for children or elderly people and house chores. Moreover, caregiving means less job opportunities for women, and those opportunities are reduced as the number of children in a family is increasing. As a consequence, approximately 1/3 of employed women residing in Europe work part-time, because of the responsibilities in their personal life. While such ascertainments of facts apply to women worldwide, regardless of their origin, age and sexual orientation, their impact on women of migrant background appears to weigh even more in regards to the opportunities they can access. 

Τhose facts do have measurable effects on the economic independence of women and the development of their skills and result in increased numbers of undocumented participation in the labour market, while they build on the apparent gender gaps that exist and maintain the vicious cycle of unequal participation of women in the labour market.

Generation 2.0 RED is now implementing, along with other prominent European partners, the project “Worldplaces-Workplaces Working with Migrant Women”, which is addressed to women of migrant background residing in Attiki, regardless of age. Through this project, the Employability service is going to provide a gender-specific programme exclusively for women who are willing to integrate or re-integrate equally into the Greek labour market, focusing at the same time on the achievement of a work-life balance in their life.

Participants in the programme will benefit from:

  • Ιndividual Career Counselling sessions,
  • Job Readiness groups (Job search & Interview preparation, Labour rights, Workplace Culture, Soft Skills)
  • Work-Life Βalance trainings (Formal day-care in Greece, Empowering Mothers, Life  skills)
  • Basic Child-care skills trainings.

In addition, the Legal Counselling service is going to offer individual sessions for participants seeking counselling in terms of their legal status (i.e. type of residence permit and access to labour market) as well their rights to Greek citizenship.

Join us in building the Worldplaces network of Greece, ensuring more equal job and education opportunities for women of migrant background.

The programme will be offered in Greek, English and French.

For more information, please contact [email protected] 

*A co-funded project by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union