“The Other in Me” | Educational Program Against Bullying

“The Other in Me” program involves a series of educational games and experiential activities in High Schools, where skilled motivators and specialized educators of the organization will conduct the workshops.

In every school that expresses interest to participate, we organize one or more two-hour workshops, after consulting with the school administration. The proposed activities revolve around issues that are discussed below, and all of them follow the approved and tested European methods of non-formal learning, as introduced by the Compass, Compassito, the Declaration of Children’s Rights and the European Campaign Against Bullying.

Main target of this program is to address the phenomenon of bullying, aiming to tackle the root of the problem, dividing it in 4 topics:

  • Racism – Social exclusion due to racial characteristics or national identity, religion, language or any other element which can be perceived as different culture
  • Gender Discrimination
  • Social Status Discrimination
  • Discrimination due to Mental or Physical particularities

Through a series of experiential games, the program is committed to:

  • Familiarize participants with the roots that cause social exclusion and bullying through recreational activities and participatory educational processes
  • Develop skills and critical thinking, learning to question stereotypes.
  • Promote diversity, equality and human rights as the most important values of interpersonal and social relations
  • Inspire empathy, respect and solidarity for all the social groups that are potential victims of social marginalization
  • Encourage alternative teaching methods

*This program came to an end! What to see what happened during the facilitation? Click here.
*Want to know the specific program of the activities? Click here.
*With the support of Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung