The online platform to apply for Resident Permit for Exceptional Reasons is in operation

Yesterday 15/04/2021, the Ministry of MigrationMigration and Asylum launched the online platform to apply for a residence permit for exceptional reasons in accordance with Law 4251/2014 (A’80). At the end of the page there is the category Granting a residence permit for Exceptional Reasons. When you click on it the following image appears:

The three categories of people who can apply are displayed in blue frames. Click on the category you are interested in to submit the application.

Applications submit:

  1.     Adults with seven years continuous residence in the country
  2.     Minor protected members
  3.     Parents of underage children who are Greek citizens of a Greek parent

Detailed instructions will soon follow on the website of Generation 2.0 RED showing the steps to be taken to submit the application.