Residence Permit for Bangladeshi citizens: The online platform is open for applications


Following the bilateral agreement between Greece and Bangladesh, citizens of Bangladesh, who live in the country and do not have a residence status, are eligible for a temporary residence permit for employment.


1. Some Important Information

-It is a prerequisite that their residency in Greece has begun prior to the 9th of February 2022.

-Before the application is submitted, those who are interested have to register in a list of the Embassy of Bangladesh in Greece (in case that they are not already registered).

-Those concerned will be able to apply for this residence permit until the 10th of July 2023.

-The residence permit will last for 5 years (from the date of the application).

-It provides access to seasonal employment (either in the agricultural sector or in other sectors). In other words, it provides the ability to have insurance, to issue for a Number of Social Insurance (Greek Abbreviation: AMKA) and a VAT number (Greek Abbreviation: ΑΦΜ) as well.

-The holders of this residence permit are obliged to return for at least 3 months every year back to Bangladesh (which means that they will reside and work in Greece for 9 months per year at the most).

When the 5 years will pass and the residence permit will expire, its holders have no right to renew it nor to apply for another residence permit and they are obliged to leave the country.


2. Necessary supporting documents:

Α 75€ fee (code 2148) for the submission of the application and then when fingerprints are given (biometric data) to the service, a 16€ fee (code 2119) for the printing of the residence permit. The fees can be issued either online on e-Paravolo or in a Citizen Service Center (Greek Abbreviation: ΚΕΠ) and then they should be paid at a bank.

– A PDF document of all the pages of a valid passport scanned, which will expire at least 2 years after the submission of the application.

– A PDF document of the employer’s declaration proving that they will employ the applicant, which can be issued online on at Digital Portal of Public Administration. On the declaration it must be stated in Greek that: «Με ατομική μου ευθύνη και γνωρίζοντας τις κυρώσεις, οι οποίες προβλέπονται από την παρ. 6 του άρθρου 22 του ν. 1599/1986, δηλώνω ότι ως εργοδότης (με Αριθμό Φορολογικού Μητρώου ………..) στον τομέα οικονομικής δραστηριότητας ……………….. (αγροτική οικονομία ή άλλη) προτίθεμαι να προσλάβω τον πολίτη / τους πολίτες της Λαϊκής Δημοκρατίας του Μπαγκλαντές ……………….., εφόσον αυτός υποβάλει / αυτοί υποβάλλουν αίτημα για την χορήγηση άδειας διαμονής σύμφωνα με το άρθρο 5 του Μνημονίου Κατανόησης Ελλάδος Μπαγκλαντές για την Μετανάστευση και την Κινητικότητα (ν. 4959/2022)».

A PDF document of at least one or more evidence documents scanned, which will prove the residency in the country prior to the 9th of February 2022. Some examples of these documents are:

  • approval of employment based on article 13Α of L. 4251/2014 (employment resulting from a certificate of “postponement of expulsion’ due to employment in the agricultural economy” for the undocumented migrants in the rural economy),
  • decision of the postponement of deportation from the country, based on L. 3907/2011,
  • vaccination certificate for COVID 19,
  • rejection decisions of applications for the issue or the renewal of a residence permit, 
  • greek electricity, water, mobile or landline phone bills with the name of the person who is making the application,
  • documents issued by public authorities,
  • evidence of the submission of the application for a temporary or permanent residence or  asylum (international protection status),
  • any previous expired residence permits,
  • receipts of remittance to Bangladesh, through banks, intermediaries in the transfer of funds, foreign currency and payment service providers,
  • certificates of attendance of greek language courses, by public educational institutions or institutions supervised by the state,
  • proof of hospitalization,
  • service notes of the Police ordering their departure from the country,
  • private documents, other than solemn declarations, certified by a notary public or another public servant concerning the date of their publication. The certificate will have a note with the word «θεωρήθηκε» and the date,
  • evidence that the passport was issued by the consular authorities in Greece before the 9th of February 2022 or that the applicant applied to the consular authorities of Bangladesh in Greece before the 9th of February 2022 in order to issue a travel document.


3. Instructions for the application

 The application is submitted online through the platform of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum site:

  1.  Enter here (Online submission of applications for residence permit)
  2. Click on the category of EMPLOYMENT
  4. We select Submit Application (the blue box below the instructions)
  5. We continue by following the next steps which will appear on your screen successively (completion of mobile phone number → completion of the PIN code sent in a text message → selection of “Submitting in person” for the individual who submits the application and completion of the email and the PIN code sent on the email → completion of demographic data, data of the travel document and data of the residence → completion of the code of the fee which is already paid → upload the files of the supporting documents → check of the data and submission of the application → the certificate of the submission and the receipt will be sent on your email → print of the documents).


ATTENTION: The Certificate of the Submission of the Application which is issued by the submission of the application is a very important document which provides the Bangladeshi citizen with a temporary legal status in the country, protection from arrest, administrative detention and deportation, a right to work and to insurance, a right to travel only to and from Bangladesh. Therefore those who apply have to always carry with them this certificate, as an identification document, until their residence permit is issued.


Instructions in Bengali here:

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