New Statistics Regarding Citizenship

Based on the information given to us by the Ministry of interior regarding the last quarter of 2016, combined with the previous data we provided to you, we present you the quantitative data for pending and approved applications for citizenship under the laws 3838/2010 and 4332/2015, both on the country and the regional level of Attica.

By the end of 2016 things were as follows:

The submitted applications that have not yet been examined, seem to arrive the 45.561 in the whole country. 20.061 of these (44%) are applications submitted in the Decentralized Services of Attica.

By the end of 2016, decisions reached 20.797, while 5.694 (27%) were issued in Attica.

* We clarify that among these figures are applications that were submitted by the law 3838/2010.