Meeting with the Ministry’s of Interior GS about the citizenship issue

On Wednesday the 7th of December 2016, after the reformation and the definite separation of the Citizenship Office and the Ministry of Migration Policy, Generation 2.0 RED had a meeting with the General Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Constantino Nikolao Poulakis.

Regarding the concerns that have appeared about the administrative changes and the delays, he commented that they still haven’t figured out who is going to be the one putting the signatures, but confirmed it is an issue off 2-3 days.

About the consequences risen by the division of the so far single informational system in the General Secretariat of the Migration Policy, he replied that it is already a matter under discussion and they are still consulting about the way it should be treated.

The General Secretary, about the problems and concerns reported by Generation 2.0 RED, he said that “these concerns are exaggerated” and that the Ministry of Interior is a big Ministry where life sets its own priorities.

Reminding him what exactly even the slightest delay practically means for the beneficiaries who wait every single day to see the developments in citizenship, the General Secretary stated that he is open to the goals and the practices of Generation 2.0 RED.

We cannot stress enough that the concerns expressed were not exaggerated. It is our obligation not to let the citizenship become a secondary issue, exactly because “life brings its own priorities”. Generation 2.0 RED accepts with pleasure Mr. Poulakis’ friendly attitude towards its cause, but we remain cautious until we see his words turned into actions.

We remind you the press release regarding the reformation of the new Ministry of Migration and the most recent statements by the Minister of Migration Policy, Ioanni Mouzala, as well.