Mapping of the challenges in lawful residence

At each stage of their stay in Greece, immigrants face many different challenges, more or less known. These stem from permanent institutional gaps and current administrative shortcomings. In the last year – due to the successive administrative consequences of the pandemic – the pre-existing challenges have increased, while new ones have been created that aggravate the – already difficult to ensure – lawful residence in Greece and the access of immigrants to their other rights. One thing is for sure: lawful residence emits SOS.

As an organization, since our inception, we have focused on highlighting and addressing all of these challenges as individual issues. However, it is time to look at them collectively as evidence of the same problem: lawful residence in Greece is constantly at stake. In order to capture a more complete picture, we proceeded to map all of the above.

So we created a “map” with the challenges of lawful residence. On this map you will discover key issues. You can then explore them one by one by clicking on each title. Behind each title, there is a text that explains the specific problem and connects it to a human story. These stories are true. Stories of people who have contacted the advocacy and legal counselling departments of our organization*, in their quest to find solutions to problems that do not come from their own fault but that ultimately determine their lives.

What we are trying to show is that the livelihood of the people that reside lawfully in the country is not actually acquired, but it is in permanent insecurity and doubt. What we are seeking to achieve is the assumption of responsibilities by the state itself, which has recognized the right of lawful residence for all these people.

Challenges in lawful residence

* In these stories, as recorded and rendered by G2RED members, people’s names and personal information have been changed for reasons of respect and protection of their personal data.