Labor issues during the COVID-19 period

One of the main consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic is changes in the workplace. In the ever-changing landscape, there is a need to inform employees and employers about the rights and obligations that arise. As part of our information activities, we publish a series of texts on the main occupational issues related to the pandemic.

  1. Special purpose leave
  2. Absence of employee from work due to COVID-19 exposure or due to illness and exposure of the child Protection of employees belonging to vulnerable groups
  3. Protection of employees belonging to vulnerable groups 
  4. Distance work as a measure to tackle the pandemic
  5. Suspension of employment contracts and special purpose compensation
  6. Reduction of working time – “SYN-ERGASIA” Mechanism

* The texts in Greek were written by Ms. Maria Koufopoulou, Labor Law Attorney

** The English translations of the texts were undertaken by Generation 2.0 RED

“Support was provided by HumanRights360 / Foundation Open Society Institute / Open Society Foundations”