Instructions for the exemption from the naturalization exams for PEGP

Those who have a degree from Greek Universities (Greek abbreviation AEI) or have attended certain years of the Greek school are exempt from the exams for the acquisition of the Certificate of Knowledge Adequacy for Naturalization (Greek abbreviation PEGP). The last changes to the conditions of the years of study were made by Article 52 of Law 4795/2021, which is in force from the date of its publication, i.e., from 17/04/2021. On the basis of these changes, the General Directorate of Citizenship has published instructions on the procedure for exemption from the exams of PEGP and for the presentation of the necessary supporting documents to the Directorates of Citizenship:

Α. Those who have studied in a Greek-language program of a Greek University:

Those who have obtained a degree or master’s diploma or doctoral diploma in the Greek language are exempted from the exams for P.E.G.P. In this case, the applicant must provide a copy of the degree or diploma from the competent department of a Greek University, and the degree or diploma should indicate the date of acquisition. In case the degree or diploma has not yet been awarded, the certificate of completion of studies issued by the competent departments is also accepted.

Β. Those who have attended a Greek school:

  1.  Concerning the applications for naturalization filed before 17/04/2021

Those who have successfully graduated from either a Greek secondary school gymnasium (Γυμνάσιο) or a Greek high school lyceum (Λύκειο) are exempt from the exams for the P.E.G.P. In this case they can simply present to the competent Directorate of Citizenship either their gymnasium diploma or their lyceum diploma.

  1.   Concerning the applications for naturalization filed after 17/04/2021

Those who have completed six (6) classes of secondary school or who have completed nine (9) classes of primary and secondary education are exempt from the exams for the PEGP.

In this case, in order for the applicants to be exempt from the exams for the PEGP, they must present a certificate of successful attendance of either nine (9) primary and secondary education classes or six (6) secondary education classes. The certificate must indicate the school years and the classes of primary and secondary education which the student has successfully attended. The certificate of successful attendance is issued by the competent Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education.

Those who fall into one of the above categories and have already applied for naturalization can contact the competent Directorate of Citizenship to present the above certificates.