New extension on the residence permits and cases of Article 139, Law 4876/2021 until June 30, 2022


We inform you that according to the announcement of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum a new extension in granted until 30/06/2022:

  1. on the residence permits and blue certificates that expired in the first quarter of 2022 i.e from 01/01/2022 until 31/03/2022. Those that had already expired by 31/12/2021 and had been extended until 31/03/2022 are also included.
  2. on the blue certificates from applications for residence permits submitted from 01/04/2014 until 31/12/2020 and no decision has been issued and has to be renewed in new residence permits in accordance with Article 139 Law 4876/2021.

We remind you that:

*The renewal process for residence permits that have expired or are about to expire is now done only online via the platform of the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum. You must submit an application for renewal on the platform in the respective category, with the necessary supporting documents in pdf files before your permit expires.

** Those who have old blue certificates and have to renew them in a new residence permit based on  Article 139 Law 4876/2021, will also proceed via the online platform. In the type of the residence permit they will select “Article 139 Law 4876/2021” and in the number they will enter the number that now appears in theιr application status.

*** Those who dο not renew before the expiration of their residence permit or the extension they can renew up to one month after the expiration of their residence permit or the extension by paying a fine of 100 euros.