Admission to Greek universities for third country nationals who have graduated from foreign lyceums in Greece and elsewhere

The Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs announced the prerequisites for the admission to higher education of third country nationals.

The electronic submission report was launched on Tuesday the 14th of July and it will be open until Monday the 20th of July. All required documents can be found here.

The basic criterion for the admission to Greek universities, is the overall mark of the applicants’ graduation certificate. The candidates should hold a graduation certificate attesting that they have been taught and successfully examined in the Greek language; if not a B2 level Greek language certificate is required. If the candidates do not hold any of these language certificates, they can only enroll in the next academic year of their admission to a Greek University, on condition that they will by then have obtained the prerequisite language certificate.

For third country nationals, the following criteria should be fulfilled:

1a: Third country nationals, graduates of non- E.U. or E.U lyceums, operating abroad

  • At least one of their parents must not have Greek origin
  • The applicants must have completed with full attendance the last two classes of lyceum or of a respective school in their country of origin

1b. Third country nationals, graduates of non- E.U or E.U lyceums, operating in Greece

  • Neither the applicants, nor their parents are of Greek origin
  • The applicants must have completed with full attendance the last two classes of lyceum

Degrees, certifications and certificates that are issued in countries that have been contracted to the Hague Convention should bear the APOSTILLE stamp.

Certifications that have been issued in Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Peru, Tunisia, the Philippines, Kosovo and Kyrgyzstan must be validated for the signature authenticity of the undersigned person by a Greek diplomatic authority abroad.

Degrees, certifications and certificates are submitted and are obligatorily accepted in a clearly printed photocopy of a document’s copy which has already been certified by a lawyer. All documents must be accompanied by an official translation in the Greek language which will be submitted in original photocopy of the certified one.

The official translation can be carried out by the official authorities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy or the Consulate of the foreign country in Greece.

Translations carried out by lawyers are accepted if the lawyer certifies his sufficient knowledge of the foreign language from which and to which the translation takes place.