Prerequisites for entry to Greek Universities, for third country nationals who have completed high school in their country of origin

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After the last amendment of the law 4415/2016, third country nationals or EU citizens who wish to enter Greek universities, shall meet the following requirements:

  1. At least one of their parents must not have Greek origin and the applicants must be citizens of the country of the high school they graduated in
  2. The applicants must have completed with full attendance the last two classes of lyceum or of a respective school in their country of origin


Every year, towards the middle of July, the electronic submission report is launched, where applicants can fill the applications/submission report from countries abroad, without having to travel in Greece for that.

After the submission, they can directly print from the app:

  • A signed copy of the application/submission report (applicants must sign all the pages)
  • A signed copy of the affidavit provided on the supporting documents

These papers, along with the supporting documents required, must be sent to the Ministry of Education not later than the deadline set every year (approx. 15 days). Most certifications can also be taken from the consular posts.

When the applicants receive and translate all the documents from the authorities of their country of origin, all prototypes shall be lodged to an Independent Directorate of Education of Foreigners, Intercultural Education, Foreign and Minority Schools, where they ask for an attestation certificate and a certificate that their grades are referred in a scale 0-20 (if it is a technical school there must be an equalization from the National Certification body for Qualification and Career Guidance).

All documents must go through a Greek lawyer in order to print official copies, and then the photocopies must be sent to the Ministry of Education. All documents must be sent after the announcement of the Circular Directive, not before that.

The Circular Directive with more detailed guidance is expected to be announced at the beginning of summer.

On the archive you can see all the supporting documents required (edited by g2red accordning to the recent amendments, as the procedure to aquire many documents (certification and translation) can be lengthy.

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