We Take the Streets at Romantso

Generation 2.0 RED and Romantso are hosting the third We Take the Streets on Sunday, March 1st, and part of “Gerani Creative Neighborhood 2020” festival, a bazaar bringing together many different places of the world through flavors, music, colors and aromas.

Romantso will be filled with dishes you haven’t tried before, traditional costumes you’ve never seen, colorful fabrics, handmade creations, dance and on-site workshops, creating a multicultural feast. The music will revolve around African grooves and psychedelic music and we are all going to dance.

We may be different, but we share the same mood for food and party.



  • Ethiopian Community
  • Club Ukranian Women’s in Greece
  • The Syrian & Greek Youth Forum


  • Mamadou
  • Dolyce Donfack
  • Club Ukranian Women’s in Greece
  • The Syrian & Greek Youth Forum

1 | Workshop on traditional Ukranian dolls | 16.00

2 | Dabkeh performance | 17.00
We will host a dabkeh workshop, a traditional syrian dance

3 | AFROfitness | 19.00
AFROfitness is a fitness program that combines traditional African intense dancing with modern dance movements.

4 | Hip-Hop Class | 20.00
Mikel (aka Chocolate Muffin) will hold a Hip-Hop workshop.
Powered by Anasa Cultural Center


  • Katia Kout. 15.00-17.00
  • ΚΕΜΑΛ  17.30-19.00
  • John Melik 21.00-23.00

Sunday 1st of March 2020
Romantso, Anaxagora 3-5, Omonia
Free entrance