Social security rights of third country nationals are violated once again

As we have pointed out before, it is clear that, despite the legislation on equal social security rights, legally residing third-country nationals live, work and pay their duties to the Greek state. However, they do not enjoy equal rights with Greek citizens, since they cannot include their adult children in their booklets.

The Ombudsman has also said this since July 2017: Third-country insured citizens are entitled to equal insurance rights with those of Greek citizens. Therefore, their adult children should be insured under the same conditions as the children of Greek citizens.

Nonetheless, the Ministry of Labor not only did not improve, but introduced an amendment – being discussed today as a matter of fact – which continues on with the existing discriminatory treatment.

Discrimination against third country citizens who are subject to the same duties as the Greek citizens, who undoubtedly enjoy fewer benefits than Greek nationals on the sole criterion of citizenship, is unnacceptable.

You can find the whole timeline on this issue in detail here.