Sex/Gender Terminology & Intersectionality Training | October 14, 2016

On Friday the 14th of October a workshop for LGBTQI+ rights was organized at our offices.

This was the first one on a number of workshops Generation 2.0 RED is planning on this topic. These workshops are open to our members and everyone who is interested to attend. Benjamin Dalton, a member of our organization and a dear friend, was the instructor of this workshop. He is well educated on LGBTQI+ issues and he has participated in many similar workshops and seminars throughout Europe.

Many people may not be interested in these topics, but they might face such challenges indirectly in their everyday lives. Sex/Gender terminology was the main subject and regards the way every person orients and defines itself. We emphasized on gender identity, social identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. Homophobia and discrimination elimination was also a part of our agenda. In our everyday interactions and social life, specific actions have to be taken in order to tackle these issues.

Intersectionality was the last part of this workshop regarding the actions against discrimination. Every person has multiple identities and it may be a victim of discrimination for several identities at the same time (for being black and Muslim for example). Therefore, human rights and discrimination should be addressed as a totality. Generation 2.0 RED is working towards this direction since its establishment and we share our vision for a world without discriminations.