Report on the situation at Manolada | April 2019

Manolada Watch is an initiative of Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity for the monitoring of working and living conditions of the migrant agricultural workers at Manolada in Ilia, Greece. Since 2017 as an organization, we have been dealing with the situation in the region, which has resulted us in having a lot of data and relevant experience. We decided to share the experience with the public in order to contribute to the awareness of the Greek society and the public authorities for the case of Manolada.

Strawberry cultivation

During April, strawberries harvesting continues to be at its pick, with the land workers’ shift starting very early in the morning until mid-noon. The production rates and the amount of strawberries resulting there, are enough to engage more than 5.000 land workers for the next two months according to the workers.

Land Workers

The vast majority of people working at this period of time at strawberries’ fields still originates from Bangladesh. However, compared to last month, a rise in Pakistanis land workers is noted, nonetheless they remain a minority (100/5000) according to land workers’ estimation.

Housing conditions

At our field visit, we recorded two camps which host huts built from bamboo, steel and nylon carpets, materials that keep hot air inside, creating a suffocating environment indoors.


The Land Workers’ camp | Generation 2.0 RED, April 2019
The camp that was built again on the fire leftovers | Generation 2.0 RED, April 2019
The fire leftovers have not been removed, resulting in a source of infection| Generation 2.0 RED, April 2019
Improvised clothing rack| Generation 2.0 RED, April 2019
The groove in which the waste from the improvised toilets end up | Generation 2.0 RED, April 2019

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