The “New Generation Got Game” Documentary travels to Thessaloniki!

We are pleased to announce that the documentary “New Generation Got Game“, which was shot in the context of our project “Multiculturalism in Action”, has been accepted in the 18th Documentary Festival of Thessaloniki!

Main goal of this project was to promote equality and integration of young people with migrant backgrounds (second generation) in the Greek society, and on the same time to fight against the negative stereotypes and xenophobia in Athens’ neighborhoods. From our point of view, integration is a constant process which includes equally immigrants and Greek citizens and depends on the moments and the daily interaction among people of different cultural backgrounds. Having in mind the promotion of integration, the creation of new relations and the empowerment of previous ones, while at the same time presenting Athens’ neighborhoods, in the early summer of 2015, 19 teams of young boys and girls with more than 12 ethnic backgrounds participated in a multicultural basket tournament!

Our documentary “New Generation Got Game” covers the second multicultural basket tournament which was organized by Generation 2.0 on June 2015. It presents the participants who reflect what we call “the New Generation of Greek Citizens” who talk to us about the tournament as well as about their lives in the city’s neighborhoods. They are people with different ethnic backgrounds who did not only participate in this tournament, but also became friends and proved that diversity is not an obstacle as far as friendship is concerned, and generally regarding building relations with our city and the Greek society.

At the same time, the high level of basketball played daily in the neighborhoods of the city was highlighted, as the participants were young amateurs competing in local and regional groups in Greece, while the tournament hosted also professional basketball players as George Printezis. All revenue was offered to the Technical  School of Syros whose goal is to offer support to children from vulnerable social groups.

Stay tuned for more regarding our documentary and the Festival!
In the meantime treat yourselves with our teaser here: