National Elections 2019 | The parties respond to questions on integration

In light of the forthcoming parliamentary elections, Generation 2.0 RED, in collaboration with Vouliwatch, put forth a series of questions to all the democratic candidate parties regarding specific immigration and refugees related integration policies in Greece.

The choice of questions was based on (a) the issues we have been working on the past few years and which we deem outstanding (b) the programs of the political parties as they have been made public so far. The motive behind this initiative is the fact that any discussion on “immigration” moves de facto either with a negative or with a positive predisposition but with vague references.

In this way, we hope to highlight the issues that afflict a large number of people living in Greece and yet are not mentioned and we look forward to a commitment on the outlined issues.

Of the 17 candidate parties to which the questionnaire was sent, the following replied (in alphabetical order): KINAL-The Movement of Change, KKE-The Communist Party of Greece and SYRIZA-The Coalition of the Radical Left.

Click on the following headings to see the corresponding questions and answers of the parties. At the end of the page you can find the complete answers of the parties as they were sent to us. All answers are available only  in Greek.

You can also view all the parties’ positions on the issues highlighted below as well as on other topics of interest in the voting adviser application It’s My Party

**You can view the previous article with an extensive outline of all the issues in english here.

  1. Obstacles in the issuance and renewal of residence permits
  2. Citizenship
  3. Fees
  4. Revision of the constitution – Voting rights
  5. Stance on undocumented migrants
  6. Manolada – Compliance with the ruling of the ECHR
  7. Undeclared work
  8. Equal treatment in social security and welfare
  9. Safe Living Conditions-Integration Strategy
  10. Education

Here you can find all the answers of the parties (available only in Greek):

KINAL – The Movement of Change

KKE – The Communist Party of Greece

SYRIZA – The Coalition of the Radical Left