Instructions on movement during the new lockdown


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*This text will be updated each time the measures are modified

From Saturday 07/11/2020 at 6 am, the whole country will enter a second lockdown to combat the spread of the coronavirus (covid-19). The following measures are valid until January 25, 2021:

  • Movement and travel only by sending an SMS to 13033 or by showing the relevant form of exceptional travel or by showing a handwritten note
  • Mandatory use of mask indoors and outdoors
  • The following will remain closed: restaurants and cafes (only takeaway and delivery allowed), bars, gyms, theaters, cinemas, museums, middle school and high schools where lessons will be done through distance learning, open air fairs
  • The following will remain open (amongst others): supermarkets, mini-markets, pharmacies, bakeries, special schools, nurseries and primary schools, hairdressers, beauty salons, bookshops, shops with a time limit of 2 hours for making purchases (exception: stores in the “red areas” will operate with “click away”), churches (they perform services with the maximum number of 50 persons) 

Attention: Movement is prohibited from 21:00 to 05:00 in the morning. Movement is allowed only for work, health and walking your pet reasons near everyone’s house. Movement during these hours will be done by sending an SMS (handwritten note is not valid) or by using the relevant employer certificate if it is for job reasons. This measure is valid from Friday, November 13. 

Below are instructions on how to travel:

Movement is allowed only by sending an SMS to 13033 or by filling in the exceptional travel form (available at or by handwritten note from 05:00 in the morning until 21:00 in the evening, for the following reasons only:

  • Travel to and from work during working hours [only with relevant form from the employer]
  • Travel for students [only with relevant form]
  • To visit a pharmacy or a doctor (if this has been recommended) [code 1]
  • Going to a supermarket, mini market or other open stores with food and basic necessities (when the delivery of products to your home is not possible)  [code 2]
  • To go to the bank (if online transaction is not possible)  [code 3]
  • In order to help people in need  [code 4]
  • Attending a funeral service or necessary movement of divorced or separated parents to ensure the communication with their children [code 5]
  • For outdoor physical exercise or to walk your pet (individually or in pairs, maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters apart)  [code 6]


To send an SMS

You can send an SMS to 13033 from your mobile phone free of charge. The SMS should be in the form: 

X (space) full name and home address

where X is the reason for movement with the number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 corresponding to the reason. You will receive the following answer to your text message: Movement space X space full name and home address.


For a handwritten form you can also write on a blank piece of paper:

  • First name / Last name
  • Home Address
  • Reason for travel (as mentioned in the above permitted categories) and destination address
  • Date, time, signature


For moving to and from your workplace the following form is required: Date, time, signature (forms are in Geek):

Worker Registration Certificate (PDF)

Visit for the file in word


For travel for students:

Travel certificate for minor student (PDF) 

Travel certificate for adult student (PDF)

Visit for the file in word


For each movement you must have with you your ID or passport along with a completed form (printed or handwritten) or a confirmation SMS ready to provide in case of a check.

Visit for detailed instructions as well as all forms and certificates

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