Information on the new 400 € allowance of ΟΑΕΔ for the long-term unemployed


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In the context of the emergency support measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the manpower employment organization (ΟΑΕΔ) is proceeding with a new allowance of 400 euros for the long-term unemployed. The allowance will be granted once, in one single payment (lump-sum).  

A) Who is entitled to the emergency one-time allowance of 400 €?

  • Those who are registered in the unemployment register of ΟΑΕΔ (have an active unemployment card) 
  • They exceeded 12 months of continuous unemployment, between 1 March and 25 November 2020 (long-term unemployed) and
  • They remained unemployed having an active unemployment card until 25 November 2020 and
  • They do not get the long-term unemployment allowance and
  • They did not get the previous allowance of 400 euros in the period April-May 2020.

B) What should beneficiaries do to receive the allowance?

From 27 November (15:00) until 17 December (23:59), they should visit, with their personal TAXISnet passwords or ΟΑΕΔ codes. Then they should follow the route inside the site: → Εργασία και ασφάλιση → Ανεργία → Έκτακτη οικονομική ενίσχυση σε μακροχρόνια ανέργους

Within this system, if they had previously declared their personal bank account details (IBAN) they now have to confirm them. If they have not already done so, then they have to declare a personal bank account (IBAN)


*Only those who meet all the criteria of the beneficiaries, as mentioned above, have access to the electronic platform. 

*The 400 euros are paid to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts, after the registration of IBAN and after OAED’s control and approval.

*This financial support is not taxed, not confiscated by the tax office and is not counted in the income limits for the granting of any other social / welfare allowance.

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