Information on the gradual reopening of the Immigration Services

The Immigration Services of the Decentralized Administrations are gradually re-opening their doors to the public following their closure to the public from 12/3/2020 to 15/5/2020, as a precautionary measure against the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Ministry of Immigration and Asylum had announced that from 18/05/2020 the services would begin public reception with the process of residence permit collections, and that from 25/05/2020 with the launch of a new electronic platform (e-appointment), third country nationals would be able to book their own appointment to collect their residence permit. However, due to “unforeseen technical reasons“, the platform is not yet operational. As a result, the services continue to issue residence permits, notifying recipients of when to visit each service. 

Below you will find information on the operation of all services throughout the country for the next period, as per their official announcements. This article will be updated every time a new announcement is published.

Immigration Directorates of Attica

According to the joint statement of the Immigration Services of Attica, for the next period and until further notice, third country nationals will only be able to visit the services strictly by appointment.  

For the time being, appointments are being scheduled only via email and only for the following procedures

  1. To collect a residence permit
  2. To collect an expired residence permit or blue certificate in order to submit a new application
  3. To re-issue a residence permit due to loss or theft
  4. To submit an application for a residence permit based on having a 3 month entry visa
  5. Beneficiaries of a residence permit / blue certificate following a court decision (compliance with administration) or a pending case

In order to book an appointment for one of the above mentioned categories you can send an email to the following email addresses:

Immigration Directorate of Athens A: [email protected] 

Immigration Directorate of Central and Western Attica: [email protected] 

Immigration Directorate of Southern Attica, Piraeus and the Islands: [email protected] 

Immigration Directorate of Northern & Eastern Attica: [email protected]

Immigration Directorate of Macedonia-Thrace (Thessaloniki)

From Monday 18/05/2020, only the appointments scheduled by the service for the below categories will be permitted:

  1. To collect a residence permit
  2. To take biometric data
  3. To submit an application for the residence permit for exceptional reasons. The previously scheduled appointments for this residence permit which did not take place during the period the service was closed, have now been moved to new dates. Click here to see the new dates (document in Greek).
  4. To collect rejection/revocation decisions – treatment requests- partial revocation requests

Information is provided only by:

Phone: 2313-309202, 2313-309207, 2313309103, 2313309616, 2313309423 or via 

Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Find here the announcement (in Greek) of the Immigration Directorate of Macedonia-Thrace (Thessaloniki).

Immigration Directorate of Epirus and Western Macedonia

The Immigration service re-opened to the public from 18/05/2020 only for residence permit collections and only via scheduled appointments

New appointments to submit an application for a residence permit for the time being are not being scheduled.

Information is provided at the following telephone numbers: 2651088128, 2651088120, 2651088115.


  • Information is provided οnly remotely (by phone or email or the official announcements uploaded on the websites of the services).
  • Additional supporting documents may be sent to the Immigration Services by registered mail or courier only for pending applications, i.e. those that have already been submitted to the service and only if requested of you by an official document from the service. At present, the documents for renewal or granting of residence permits are not to be sent to the services at all.
  • If you have changed your passport, please note that:
  • If your residence permit is in the form of a card, you do not need to declare your new passport. The declaration of change of passport is done only at the renewal of the residence permit.
  • If your residence permit is a sticker, for the time being, you do not need a replacement as this is not an emergency procedure, you are to hold both passports for your transactions.
  • If you have a blue certificate, you do not need a replacement

For more information you may visit the websites of the Decentralized Administrations where announcements from the Immigration Services of each region are posted (in Greek):

Decentralized Administration of the Aegean

Decentralized Administration of Attica

Decentralized Administration of Epirus and Western Macedonia

Decentralized Administration of Thessaly and Central Greece

Decentralized Administration of Crete

Decentralized Administration of the Peloponnese and Western Greece

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