Information on the coronavirus and provisions for the vulnerable people


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Information and provision for hygiene products

  1. The volunteer team STEPS: Every Tuesday and Thursday, informs those living on the streets of Athens about the coronavirus, distributes flyers and self-protection instructions, and tries to provide as many soaps and antiseptics as possible.
  2. Social Pharmacy of KYADA: However, there is a shortage of antiseptics as in the entire market.



  1. Estia Athens of KYADA: At Patission 221 – capacity of 50 people
  2. Ionis Hotel of KYADA: At Halkokondyli 41- capacity of 150 people



  1. KYADA offers daily meals at Piraeus Street 35
  2. KYADA-Social Grocery Store at Domokou 2 and Philadelphias from 9:00 until 17:00
  3. STEPS team: Every Wednesday and Sunday from 17:00 until 21:00, with the presence of doctors and provision of hygiene products
  4. Mano Aperta team cooks in Piraeus, on Saturdays, at Gate E7 at 18:00 and at Athinas street (across the Varvakeios Market) on Sundays.