Generation 2.0 RED discusses with the political parties


In the previous months, Generation 2.0 RED invited the parliamentary parties to discuss with their competent departments about issues of migration policy, integration and acquisition of Greek citizenship.

ND, SYRIZA-PS, PASOK-KINAL and KKE responded to this invitation. During the meetings, our organization exposed the main problems in residence permits, the discrimination faced by migrants in social rights, such as access to disability allowance and the national pension, the need to regulate the status of undocumented land workers, the inability of migrants to participate in the municipal elections, the lack of integration policies, the difficult Item Bank and the strict income criteria in naturalization, the extreme delays in granting citizenship for the second generation and the unequal access to this right for people with disabilities.

The representatives of the parties expressed their positions on these issues and committed to promote improvements  changes in the legislative framework.

Following the meetings and in view of the May 21 parliamentary elections, Generation 2.0 RED in collaboration with Vouliwatch has invited the parties of the outgoing Parliament to send their written positions on the above issues, which are expected to be published next week.


02-15-2023: Meeting with Mr. Vasilis Chronopoulos, Mr. Petros Karachristou, Mr. Charis Dimakareas from the Migration Policy Sector of PASOK – Movement for Change.


20-02-2023: Meeting with Ms. Maria Natsiou, Ms. Olga Pavlidou and Ms. Gina Panagiotou from the Secretariat of Social Solidarity and Human Rights of New Democracy.


11-04-2023: Meeting with Ms. Katerina Geraki and Mr. Giorgos Stefanakis from the Interdepartmental Committee for the Rights of Migrants and Refugees of the Communist Party of Greece.


25-04-2023: Meeting with Ms. Tzeni Arseni, Mr. Manolis Sarris, Ms. Mary Iliadi and Mr. Manolis Kalogeropoulos from the Refugee & Migration Policy Department of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance.