Equal Citizens Campaign

The law 4332/15 was voted in July of 2015 and amends the citizenship Code, while giving the right to the acquisition of the Greek citizenship to immigrants’ offsprings who have attended Greek schools or were born in Greece.

This Code is the result of a longterm campaign which first started on 2006, and resulted in the vote on L.3838 (aka Ragousis Law) on 2010. The campaign revived on 2011 after the action on the Council of State against this law. The legal vacuum created by this annulment only got covered on July 2015.

Main goal of the campaign “Equal Citizens” was to inform and raise awareness of the Greek society regarding the problems faced by the youth with migrant background. On the same time the campaign pushed towards a legal framework which could provide the immigrants’ children with the right to become equal citizens on a legal and a social basis.

A lot of events were organized in collaboration with members of the civil society in Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities of Greece.

Watch the video of our campaign here: