Elections 2023: What do the parties answer about migration policy and citizenship?


Ahead of the May 21 parliamentary elections, Generation 2.0 RED and Vouliwatch addressed the parties of the outgoing Parliament, asking them to express their positions regarding the integration of third-country nationals and access to citizenship.

On Tuesday, May 9, both organizations sent a letter inviting the relevant departments of the parties to submit their priorities for the next Parliamentary Period in relation to residence permits of the Immigration Code, social rights of third-country nationals, integration policies and procedures for acquiring Greek citizenship (naturalization and citizenship for the second generation).ns


What did the parties answer?

Of the 6 parties that were elected in the previous period in Parliament, 3 responded: SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance, PASOK – Movement for Change and Communist Party of Greece. 

Below you will find the positions by party (available only in Greek):


SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance

PASOK – Movement for Change

Communist Party of Greece