Diversity 2.0 – An Employers’ Guide

Generation 2.0 RED is happy to announce the publication of the “Diversity 2.0-An Employers’ Guide”, with the support of ENAR, addressed primarily to companies and organisations, on the topic of diversity and its management in the workplace. The Guide, apart from presenting the tangible benefits of diversity, it also suggests step-by-step practices, provides tips and makes recommendations on efficient diversity management. Moreover, it can function as an introductory tool for those wishing to navigate into the migration context in Greece, in terms of the different types of residence giving the right to work, the documentation needed but also information on the naturalisation procedure and the legislation on the procedure for second generation.

A hard copy of the “Diversity 2.0-An Employers’ Guide” can be offered to your company or organisation upon request. Additionally, you could also benefit from a free-of-charge “Diversity 2.0” training by Generation 2.0 RED, conducted for all your personnel or on a managerial basis.

For more information and to request your hard copy or arrange the Diversity Training for your company/organisation, please contact Dimitra Steins via email at  or call at 213 088 4499.

Here you can find the “Diversity 2.0-An Employers’ Guide” online!