Citizenship Services closed to the public due to the coronavirus

Upon our communication with the Citizenship Services we inform you that they will be closed to the public from today, Monday 16/03/2020, until further notice as a precautionary measure against the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Interested applicants are requested to send their naturalization and citizenship applications by registered mail or courier and be inquired on the application status electronically.

During this period all scheduled naturalization interviews are cancelled. Interested applicants will be informed by services about the new interview dates. 

Generation 2.0 RED will make a new update regarding the functioning of citizenship services. 


Those who wish to contact the Male Registry Department of Athens, according to the relevant announcement and until the lifting of the preventive measures against coronavirus (COVID-19), this will be done exclusively electronically at the address: [email protected] and by phone at the following numbers: 210 3258309/210 3258302/210 3258307