It was never just a basketball tournament. It has always meant so much more, but this year we can say with confidence that this was also something bigger and greater in practice. The fifth biggest intercultural 3on3 basketball tournament in Greece will be marked as the first New Generation Got Game Festival!

Thursday 14th and Friday 15th of June were two days we will always remember. Technopolis City of Athens got fancy. With open courts, skatepark and graffiti, the bazaar by Athenian migrant communities, music and food from all over the world:  the space where three on three streetball took place was enhanced with people, music, and food from all over the world.

More than 50 teams from at least 15 different countries participated to win the tournament’s prize: a five-day trip to Syros to take part in the LG AegeanBall (all expenses covered by G2RED). The prizes did not stop there, though. The three first winners in the women and men categories got gifts from the Retro23 shop and the EQLTY brand of Kyle Wiltjer, who was also present to support the Festival!

All those who came were able to watch the games while listening to KC juggling his music on deck, taking a look at the live graffiti going on by the Raiden Tattoo Division team, giving a shot at the skate with the Free Movement Skateboarding, trying out the AfroFitness session with Rachel, taking a walk by the unique and handmade creations exhibited at the bazaar, while also grabbing a bite of world cuisines!

The full two-days’ event also featured activities for younger children, as the “Diversity Volcano” game was played for hours. There was also an intense 3point hoops competition. All attendees, competing or not, also had the opportunity to participate in a lottery to win various of their own prizes: a trip in Syros, a 200 euros’ worth tattoo, a wireless keyboard, a cellphone, two sneakers, and EQLTY t-shirts!

Donations in clothes, food and other first-needs products were gathered by the people attending, SXEDIA magazine vendors were there as well to represent their work, and the Mandela Girls danced to deliver the baton of the closing ceremony with the best way possible: a live performance by the unique Idra Kayne and her band!  There were many participants beyond just the basketball teams. The event was very dynamic and was inclusive to participants of all ages and demographics.

A great shout out to all those who cooperated for this Festival to happen. To the communities who embraced the event and gave the best they got. To our volunteers who dedicated their time and their ideas for New Generation Got Game to become even bigger. To the Free Movement Skateboarding and Anasa for the parallel events. Thank you! Of course, we want to thank our great sponsor, Mastercard, without whom such a big festival could not have happened! We also thank our sponsors: Zagori, NBA2K19, Retro23, CU, Fix Anef, Raiden Tattoo Division, Western Union. And our supporters: Lost Athina, EQLTY, SYDKNA, the Samaritans of Red Cross who took care of our athletes, the wonderful Diafragma.gr and Meta Project teams for the photographic documentation, and of course, all those who were there, inside and out of the courts! Once more we feel most grateful that Athenians embraced the festival, had a nice time, tried out new things, broke stereotypes and shared with us the vision of a society that treats all its members equally.

Maybe words will never be enough to describe the feelings, the mood, the vibe of this Festival. Maybe it is true that photographs are equivalent to a thousand words, and this album will be enough to give everyone a glimpse of what happened these two days!
Find the photo album here: https://bit.ly/2KifaMY
Find the FB event here: https://bit.ly/2rLvXjD

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Women category winners

Men category winners
Βελούδινα Σφυριά
Τρεις & ο Κούκος

Lottery Winners

1. A trip to Syros 358
2. A 200 euros worth tattoo by the Raidern Tattoo Division 395
3. A cellphone from Vodafone 135
4. A wireless keyboard from Vodafone 194
5. AirJordan shoes by the Retro23 shop 229
6. Addidas shoes by the Retro23 shop 274