Announcement of Immigration Services: appointments for exceptional reasons begin

The Immigration Services issued an announcement on the process of granting new appointments for the submission of the residence permits for exceptional reasons.

Specifically, those who are interested to submit an application for this specific category of residence permit, you must send the requests for an appointment to the email of the service of your place of residence. In this email you must attach the special form that you will find here, after filling in all your details correctly (Attention: you must fill in the greek form. Here you can find the text translated in english for your convenience).

Below are the email addresses where you can send your appointment requests:

Immigration Directorate of Athens A

[email protected]  

Immigration Directorate of Central and Western Attica

[email protected] 

Immigration Directorate of Northern & Eastern Attica

[email protected] 

Immigration Directorate of Southern Attica, Piraeus and Islands 

[email protected] 



  1. Each email should have ONLY ONE (1) appointment request and the details of ONE (1) person submitting the request.
  2. Services will only consider one email. If more than one email is sent to the service of the place of residence or to another email address of the competent service, these will not be taken into account at all.
  3. The messages will be answered gradually and the scheduling of appointments will not exceed 2 weeks.
  4. Anyone who does not appear at a scheduled appointment should send a new request for another date.
  5. Those who sent emails for an appointment for exceptional reasons should not send a new message to find out if they finally got an appointment or go to the service for such information, because it is closed to the public without an appointment.
  6. Those who do not get an answer means that they did not get an appointment for the next month at least.

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