Worldplaces – meet our Ambassador!

On the International Day of Women’s Rights, we are glad to be introducing you our new project: Worldplaces!

We are the first international network to bring together the two halves of the female working world: those who are accessing a new job market and those who already own. Worldplaces was born thanks to the support of dg home in 2021 in 4 European countries – Italy, Portugal, Germany and Greece – engaged at the forefront of redefining more inclusive labour markets, with particular attention to the synergies between the new and diverse talents of migrant women and the logic and policies of the national labour market.

Meet our first Worldplaces Ambassador, Martha Velentza – Youth Trainer & Adult Educator, through her own words! 

What can I do:

I can help develop awareness among women of migrant background about their rights and how women deserve to be treated. By connecting them, a feeling of union is created. I try to be observant and listen to their story, understand their background and always be there for them. In my mind, the process of integration should be as smooth as possible.

What I already do:

I teach the Greek language to people of migrant background, trying to bring them closer to our mentality and culture, but at the same time, trying to come closer to theirs. This gives me the chance to see how things work for them, how they feel, what they think and what they need concerning the quality of their lives. In that way, I am given the opportunity to see their talents and explore their skills in different fields.

What have I received and what do I want to pass on: 

What I have seen is that women are, most of the time, adaptive and ready to adjust to a new country and to a new job position. This makes me visualize working on language and job training programs for migrants, organised in such a way that it can be practically effective and focusing, at the same time, on the individual talent and heritage of each one of them separately.

Do you wish to become an ambassador for Generation 2.0 RED’s new project and join our network? E-mail us at [email protected]!