Hanukkah, Kwanaa, Omisoka, Id al-Adha, Hajj, Shabe-Yalda

You might not know what these words mean, not even how to pronounce them, but this is not the issue. The thing is that you hear them here, in our neighborhood, Gerani, and they hide inside them a feast. So, for this year’s holidays, we invite you to learn how other countries and races of the world do not celebrate Christmas, and what exactly is that they celebrate.

Generation 2.0 RED and ROMANTSO organize the second We Take the Streets, a festive bazaar on Friday the 23rd of December, bringing together every corner of the world through flavors, music, colors and aromas.

The streets of Gerani fill with food that you have not tasted yet, traditional costumes you have never seen, colorful fabrics, handmade creations, Arabic calligraphy, hand henna and mini hairdressers on the spot, creating a multicultural feast in the festive atmosphere of the holidays.
The music will be left on the experienced hands of DJ Magi, Djj Paco, Terra Exotica, Katerina Karali and The Uniques, with sets full of African groove and psychedelia to dance in ethnic vibes.

All these make this bazaar unique and surely more fun than the last minute shopping of gifs! We might be different, but our endless mood for food and partying is definitely some of the things we share.

** Throughout the bazaar plastic bottle caps and food is going to be collected as an act of solidarity and support for those in need. Feel free to bring whatever you can! **
— — —
Friday, December 23, 2016
BIOS Romantso – Anaxagora 3-5
Free Entrance