Update on the Decentralized Services | June 2016

The services shall function as usual throughout August except for the services of Attica


  • A’ Athens: The service is going to be closed for the public until the 17th of August
  • Central and Western Attica: The service is going to be closed for the public until the 26th of August
  • Northeastern Attica: Τhe service will remain closed for the public until the 29th of August
  • South Attica, Piraeus and the islands: Τhe service remains closed for the public until the 29th of August

Nevertheless, it should be reminded that the public can submit their applications through registered mail, which shall be accompanied by the provised fee.

As far as the examination of new applications is concerned, our telephone communication with the decentralized services results in the following news:

  • Attica: the examination of new applications is gradually beginning in A’ Athens And Southern, Piraeus and islands departments.
  • Decentralized service of Peloponnese, Western Greece and Ionian sea: the process has begun for some time now.
  • Decentralized service of Macedonia – Thrace: there have been a lot of delays
  • Thessaloniki: The service is still examining the applications of 2011
  • Central Macedonia: the examination of old applications has been completed and they are already examining new ones. The estimation is that once the application is submitted, the process is completed after 6 months.
  • Eastern Macedonia and Thrace: The service is already examining new applications and the estimation is at least 4 months of waiting.
  • Epirus-Western Macedonia: new applications have started being examined since May and the estimation shows the waiting to last up to a year from the date of the application submission.
  • Creta: The new and the old applications are examined simultaneously.
  • Northern and Southern Aegean: The services have begun examining new applications

While representing the second generation of immigrants in Greece, we expect to see efficiency by the responsible bodies, and we pledge to continue monitoring the application of the new law regarding the citizenship acquisition. Your testimonies and queries are vital for this. Our offices will be closed from the 8th until the 21 of August2016, but you can always communicate with us through our Facebook page and through email: [email protected]