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The “UnionMigrantNet and Cities Together for Integration” project aims at exchanging and transferring knowledge, experiences and best practices on integration between 9 UnionMigrantNet members and 8 local authorities from 5 EU countries, namely Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Slovenia.

The project in Greece aims to assist an increasing number of Third Country Nationals, as migrants, asylum-seekers & refugees who have been registered in Greece and live in Athens. The cooperation between the Migrant Point EKA, as a TU contact point of UMN in Greece, the City of Athens and local stakeholders dealing with integration policies aims at easing an equal access at work of all Third Country Nationals through their actions, as a part of a better management of the reception process and preparation to their faster integration through the labour market.

EKA, the City of Athens & Generation 2.0 RED cooperate on labour-related activities such as training provision on labour market integration and employability, development of skills and competences for the Greek labour market, organisation of an awareness-raising event on the benefits of Third Country Nationals’ integration in the labour market; dissemination of videos and informational material to raise awareness on the project’s objectives but also the production of a digital guide of good practices on Third Country Nationals’ labour market integration in Greece, which aims to prevent further exploitation.

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