{THE AND} project is coming to Athens!

The Skin Deep’s first project {THE AND} is an interactive documentary experience that explores the dynamics of modern relationships by bringing the viewer into the emotional space of real life couples. Merging interactive web design, innovative storytelling, and tryptic filmmaking, this interactive documentary presents a unique take on various types of human relationships. Couples ask each other candid questions and shared insight on the dynamics of polyamorous/open/monogamous, LGTBQ, old/young, dominatrix/submissive, and mixed-ethnicity relationships. Our goal is to create an international relationship project that showcases the full spectrum of human connection (romantic and non-romantic) to create an immersive presentation of modern relationships of the 21st Century.

{THE AND} was officially released in July 2014 and since then has reached over 35 million views in over 144 countries worldwide, with viewers spending up to 3 hours playing {The And}.

Since the project started, the Skin Deep Team has envisioned its expansion in different places of the world.

Last November The Skin Deep team conducted a residency program bringing together 9 people from all around the world (included Greece), in order to transmit the idea of the project and to give the chance to the residents to recreate {THE AND} in their home towns.


Why in Greece?

Bringing {THE AND} in Greece aiming at capturing the diversity of human connections in the modern Greek society taking into account of the Greek reality and the way that it reflects and affects human relations. Relations of all kinds. : romantic or not, family relationships, friendship or any other type.

Social, political and economical conditions as well long as our  Greece’s cultural complexity make Greece  it a unique location for {THE AND} project. but especially for its participants here in Greece. Through {THE AND} we are creating a space for you to interact, to deepen or just to  and question the way that we that you communicate within your own relationships or we are hesitate to in your everyday life.

If you want to experience {THE AND} participating with someone with whom you have an important for you connection, no matter the type of relationship please fill The Participation Form or contact the Greek team of {THE AND}: [email protected].

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