Sponsorship raising to meet the needs of immigrant and refugee communities

In the context of the appearance of coronavirus in the country, Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity informed migrant and refugee communities on the measures that concern them and translated the relevant information in six languages. At the same time, the organization recorded the special needs of their members who have been directly affected by the conditions caused by the pandemic. Thus, we were informed that urgent needs have arisen in basic necessities for many families.

More specifically, our team through this process but also due to our constant communication with the members of the migrant and refugee communities, was informed that there were urgent needs for basic products in many families. Thus, we immediately proceeded to record the needs and the people who needed support, while at the same time we explored the possibility of finding sponsorships to meet the needs of the members of the communities.

Individuals and companies, who requested anonymity, responded to our call offering sponsorships to purchase basic supplies for people in need. The purchase was safely organized in collaboration with AB Vassilopoulos, who offered us additional gift vouchers to buy more products.

In this difficult social situation, and given the economic impact, especially on the most vulnerable groups of the population, such acts of support and mutual assistance are extremely important. With the support and money raised, many families were able to buy food and other basic supplies.

We warmly thank once again those who supported this action and hope to find similar support in possible future needs.