Renewal of residence permits for those entitled to international protection: Letter to the Ministry of Labor

επιστολη στο υπουργειο εργασιας

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Upon inquiry of Generation 2.0 RED, the Asylum Service sent a letter to the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Administrative Reconciliation on the renewal of residence permits for beneficiaries entitled to international protection.

There have been incidents in which beneficiaries of international protection with a certificate of pending request, which lasts for 2 months, arrive at Citizens Service Centers for KEA (Social Solidarity Benefit) and OAED centers to renew their unemployment cards, but they are refused the grant of KEA, as well as the renewal of their card.

The certificate of pending request is issued by the Asylum Service when the three-year residence permit has expired and the recipient has applied for a renewal of his/her permit. The reason for not accepting a certificate of pending request from the services is that the person’s residence permit has expired, which results into beneficiaries of international protection not exercising their rights in their transactions with the public services.

In this letter, the Asylum Service requests the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Administrative Reconciliation to accept the status of pending request for the applicable time, ie for 2 months, in the transactions the beneficiaries have with these public services.

A prerequisite, of course, for the transactions is that the status of pending request to be accompanied by the expired residence permit.

Read the letter in Greek here.