Petition for the Right to Citizenship

About 200.000 young people were born and raised in Greece to migrant parents. This kids have no homeland since they remain unrecognized by the Greek state, which refuses to grant them citizenship.

Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity is the answer to all those who believe that young people with migrant origins are not Greek or/and are very different from Greek kids. The organization consists of young people with migrant and Greek origin, creating what we like to call the New Generation of Greek Citizens.

As an organization we started a petition, giving also information to people and raising awareness about the situation of young people of migrant origin in Greece today. The Generation 2.0 RED campaign was also online ( and aimed to publicize this issue in Greece as well as abroad. In most EU countries and elsewhere, young people of migrant origin are guaranteed the right to citizenship as soon as they fulfill the basic requirements. To have been born, raised or attended school in a country is generally a sufficient and objective criteria to be considered a citizen of that country. Naturally, Greece is an exception, where these criteria are considered neither sufficient, nor objective, unlike the personal judgment of employees in the Ministry of Interior, which the State Council considered necessary in order to provide citizenship to these young children. The problem is, however, that at this particular moment in Greece there are about 200.000 young people not only without citizenship, but largely without the right to access it. The state is depriving them of fundamental rights, formally and substantially, turning people who were born and raised in the country into foreigners.

We are asking for what should be obvious, for us all to become equal Citizens of the country where we were born and raised. We demand our right to be recognized as Greek Citizens.