International day against Racism | March 21, 2016

International Day agains Rascism & Week of Solidarity with those who are fighting for equality!

New campaign, new partners, honoring the International Day against Racism and the week of Solidarity with the People fighting Racism and Racial Discrimination!

Every day, people of all ages endure hatred, injustice and humiliation because of their skin color, descent, national or ethnic origin and other supposedly racial characteristics. Such discriminations has underpinned oppression, poverty, slavery, genocide and war. This week is an opportunity to honor those who fight against racism, to renew our commitment that we are going to try hard to create a world more united than ever towards equality and respect of diversity!

What is your color? No matter the color you prefer, you belong. You belong because you exist. You exist because nature made it that way and we coexist just like all the colors in a rainbow.

Special thanks to Affekt for the artdirection and to Cacao Rocks for the artwork!