Free Non-Formal Educational Programs in Athens

Important Notice: We recommend that you check out the operation of the organisations before visiting, since the information on their programs was confirmed before the lockdown of 7/11/2020.   


Greek lessons

Address: Petras 93, Athens

Tel. Number: 215 5557345, [email protected]

ΑΝΚΑΑ Project:

Greek, English and Computer lessons

Address: Dimaraki 29, Athens

Tel. Number: 695 1192126

Caritas Athens:

Greek and English lessons

Address: Kapodistriou 52, Athens

Tel.: 210 5246637 & 210 5249564, [email protected]

Echo 100Plus:

English, Greek, German, French and Computer lessons

Email address: [email protected]

Elix – Learning Center:

Greek, English, Mathematics Lessons

28 October str. n. 20, Athens

Tel.: 210 3810445, [email protected]

New Entry period: 10-11/11 from 3 to 5 pm

Equal Society:

English and Computer lessons

Address: Santaroza 1, Athens

Tel. Number: 211 7051841, [email protected]


  • For TOIEC exams fees are required
  • Students must have basic knowledge of Greek language. For the computer classes, students need to be able to read well in Greek.

Greek Council for Refugees:

Greek lessons

Address: Solomou 25, Athens

Tel.: 210 3800990-1, [email protected]

Jafra Foundation in Greece:

English (A1) and Greek (A1) lessons

Kallidromiou 49, Athens

Tel: 213 045906, 698 8477007 (whatsapp)

[email protected]

Melissa Network:

Greek lessons

Feron 18, Athens

Tel: 210 8218486, [email protected]

  • Computer lessons will be offered soon

Multifunctional Centre for Refugees – Hellenic Red Cross:

Greek and English lessons

Address: Kapodistriou 2, Athens

Tel: 210-5126300

Migrants’ Sunday School:

Greek lessons

Giatrakou 22, Metaxourgeio, Athens

Tel: 697 4486368, email: [email protected]

  • Registrations are open ONLY for Advanced students

Pytheas Path:

English and Computer lessons

Address: Solomou 54, Athens

Tel. Number: 210 3809570, [email protected]


Greek and English lessons

Tel.: 694 0671666

Email: [email protected]