Citizenship & Migration Code | November 27, 2015

What changed in the Migration Code after the enactment of the Law 4332/15? To whom it can be applied and when? What are the cases covered by the new citizenship law? What are the main problems in its implementation? What is happening with the pending requests of the law 3838?

The above mentioned, along with other important issues concerning the youngsters of migrant origins, were discussed by Generation 2.0 RED on Friday, 27 of November 2015, at 17.00 in ROMANTSO (Axagora 3-5, Omonoia). You can read in detail the file of the discussion here.

Invited speakers:
– Vasilis Papadopoulos, SG Ministry of Immigration Policy
– Ilias Chronopoulos, Head of Decentralized Administration of Attica Α’
– Dimitris Siamatras, Head of Ithageneia Ofiice
– Spokesman from the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Attica

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